Atom opens in Element Inspect screen



I’m not sure how to describe this issue. There is most probably an easy solution but I have failed to find it here or anywhere else.
When opening Atom it appears to open in what looks like an Element Inspect view. I cannot work out how to return to the basic text editor view with the file browser view on the left. I have reinstalled 2x though it has not changed anything. I have been using Atom for a few months and never seen this view before. The only plugin I had installed was a color picker. I’m using Windows 10 and I can provide more specs if it is relevant.
This is what it looks like:

Any information on this would help. I hope it is a simple fix.


Did you try removing the color picker? Did you remove or rename ~/.atom before reinstalling?


I couldn’t find the color picker anywhere. I decided to delete .atom before reinstalling and I’m back to a clean (i think) install. I still don’t really know what caused the issue but it doesn’t seem to be common. Thank you. Also sorry I wasn’t bothered to persist with finding the cause. I need to return to a normal workflow with this editor.


The color picker and other packages are kept in the .atom folder. So my two suggestions were kind of redundant.


Most likely this is an issue with a theme you have installed or something in your styles.less. Can you try completely exiting Atom and starting it again using atom --safe?


The image shows there is an error in the console (the red icon on the right side). What does it say when you click on the console tab?


For myself too atom opens with Developer tools Opened. In console it showed the Error: 'ENOENT: no such file or directory, lstat ‘/Users/logesh/github’.
Packages I have installed are Project Manager, File-icons, Intentions, Language-ember-htmlbars, linter-elsint


Try disabling the github package as a temporary workaround. Or make that folder. Something is expecting that folder to exist at least.