Atom opens blank, but opens fine in Developer Mode


Hello! I’ve been using Atom for quite a while now, but just recently encountered this issue. When I launch Atom, it loads the window, but it is completely blank. I am able to toggle the menu at the top by pressing ‘alt’, but most of the actions do not do anything. The menu is responsive, so I don’t believe Atom is freezing up at all. I am using Atom Beta, but I have the same issue with the stable release as well. Here is a screenshot:

I’ve attempted opening it with atom --safe but it gives me the same result. The developer console won’t open, so I’m not able to view the console that way. However, when I open Atom with atom --dev or through the context menu, Atom runs fine.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, including clearing out AppData (both Local and Roaming) and the .atom folder located in my User directory. I’ve also checked the registry to see if anything was remaining. I have done the same for node as well, if that matters. However, re-installing either Atom Beta or regular Atom gives me the same results.

Atom: v1.20.0-beta0
Node: v6.11.2 (If relevant)

Thanks for the help!


Does the new “stable” release of Atom V1.19 also give this result?


@zlw11063 there was an issue with the 1.20.0-beta0 installer. It should be resolved with 1.20.0-beta1.


It did, but it looks like the issue resolved itself somehow. I am not sure what I changed, but it looks like it is loading properly. Thanks for the quick response!