Atom opens as Dev Tools

Hello. I have been using Atom for a short time. Today I clicked on the program icon and instead of the usual black screen a kind of web page appeared with the Dev Tools. Please see the attachement.
What is it? What can I do? Thank you

Something more about ny environment: I am in Windows 10 pro with Apache 2.4 , MariaDB and PHP 7.4.
Thank you

Hello Guys.
Is there anybody out there who can help me?
Do you know any other web-place where I can ask to?
Thank you everybody.

Is this glitch still happening?
And where do you usually open Atom from? (The taskbar, the desktop shortcut, etc…)
And you may be able to go to stack overflow, another coding discussion website, it may not be as helpful for specific applications like Atom, but you can give it a go.