Atom opening wrong folder


I used tree-view-git-projects Package for a short while and dropped it because it caused a serious problem (

It uses Project::setPaths to switch the file tree to match the current tab. That is getting serialized to somewhere and when I open the project again the wrong tree is showing which makes the project unusable.

The sequence of events follows. Even though I talk about the one package the problem is in Atom. You’ll see what I mean at the end.

  • Enable tree-view-git-projects
  • open folder A
  • open tab from project B
    • switches tree to project B
    • it used Project::setPaths
  • close tab - tree still changed to B
  • close Atom
  • uninstall tree-view-git-projects
  • Open project A and it actually opens project B
    • this happens via all open methods

I removed ~/.atom and problem didn’t go away. Atom is storing this setpaths serialization somewhere.

How do I fix this? I can’t access project A any more.

Edit: I deleted all copies of project B from my system and tried to open project A again. Now it is opening my root directory C: !


Serialization information is stored in ~/.atom/storage. I don’t know of any exception to that.

Which version of Atom are you using? There have been some changes around the Project class with regard to creating a service for other repository providers, but I didn’t think any of that was released yet.

In any case, you should file a bug on this on atom/atom right away because with work going on with regard to the Project class, any solution should get factored in to that work too.

/cc @maxbrunsfeld @bolinfest


Clearing storage worked. I could swear that I tried replacing all of .atom. Oh well, sorry to bother everyone. At least I know where serialization is stored now.

Edit: I filed an issue so others don’t have this happen.