Atom Opening Problem


My Atom was working fine up until earlier today when I tried opening, multiple atom windows opened with just one click. atom|690x459

Solutions tried:
Have tried re-installing but still having the same problem.
Also tried searching for help, but can’t find any.

Any idea how I can fix this?!


The link you posted doesn’t lead to anything. Please upload the image to a site such as Imgur and post the link here.

What exactly did you try to open and how did you try to open it? What version of Atom and what OS are you on?



See above.


Thanks for attending to this. I am running on version 1.22.1 on Windows 10 Pro. I tried starting Atom. Multiple Atom windows opened with just one click.


How did you try to start Atom?


Desktop app.



The problem you describe sounds as if the mouse button got stuck in some way.

@DamnedScholar wishes to find out where from did you start the Atom application

For example…

  1. The taskbar:

  2. The desktop:

  3. Windows search:

  4. Windows start menu:
    start menusoftware.

  5. Command line (command prompt):



Honest question: if I asked you how you left your house in the morning, would you tell me, “outside”? Or would you tell me that you put on your coat and left through the front door to walk to your car in the driveway? It’s pretty obvious that if you’re leaving your house, you’re going outside. Similarly, Atom is always a desktop application. That information is true, but not helpful since everyone knows it. What’s important is the information that only you know: what happens physically that leads up to Atom opening multiple windows.


If I could add.

Have you tried focusing on one of the open atoms and closing all? Obviously my screenshot is from a mac as I am not near my windows machine but still under the same section.

Once doing so, do you still get a ton of atom panels open?

Have you tried opening it from the terminal?/cmd?

Is it opening a bunch of empty Atoms or projects?