Atom opening many tabs on startup


I have the opposite problem. My Atom is reopening like ~100 tabs every time I launch it. Is this a new b0tched feature? An issue with my install?

Note: I’m running OSX 10.10 Yosemite.

Reopen files on startup

@framerate Sounds like you have a package installed that is slightly psychopathic.
Do you get the same issue when running atom in safe mode (atom --safe)?

if not, check your installed packages and disable anything that is supposed to remember your session or open tabs etc.


I ran it with --safe a few times and now it has gone away. I will investigate further, but I don’t think I installed any tab-management type plugins. If I figure anything out I’ll update this thread.



It is probably due to some amount of serialized state getting wedged in your ~/.atom/storage directory.


Nuking this folder seems to make everything play better. Gracias.


It seems to solve a lot of problems, although of course this tactical nuke option doesn’t get anyone closer to the root cause.

Sometimes I think there should be a button in the Settings View to clear the storage folder as a “I don’t know what’s wrong, but try to resolve it anyway!” option, which does nothing but kill that folder.


I’ve opened up this Issue to add something similar:


Always a few steps ahead! :thumbsup: