Atom open two panes for every file, one for filename and one for code


I messed up something and now atom opens two panes for file, and one of these is used only ofr showing the file name, wasting a lot of space in the view. If i try to open multiple files in split view, every one of these will have this new kind of pane with only the filename placede aside, so another waste of space. I could not find any settings to solve this.


Do you have anything in .atom/styles.less?




When did this start? Does it persist when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


NO!!! thanks a lot, if i start atom with --safe everything is in its place. As for the first time it showed up, i was trying some keybindings from a package and almont surely hit something wrong. I preferred to ask for help instead of trying to toggle the situation back into place hitting random keys. Anyway what can i do now to avoid launching it with --safe every time?


Do you not remember what package it was? How long ago was this? Why didn’t you say that it had to do with a package in the very first post, and instead make me ask you multiple questions just to figure out information that you knew all along? When you’re asking for help, you should provide all of the relevant information at once.

Anyway what can i do now to avoid launching it with --safe every time?

Tell me what package it was. If you don’t remember, disable packages one at a time until the problem goes away, then you know.


solved, it was a package. Vertical tabs. doh. thanks anyway. also sorry for this