Atom on Windows, working remotely on Linux, Git Integration


Hi all

I need help setting up an efficient work environment.

I am working on a Windows PC with Atom installed. I work on several projects where the code lives on remote Linux servers. On each of those servers, I have a git checkout (from GitHub or BitBucket).

What is the best way to use Atom to work on the code remotely and use git to push/pull/checkout/diff? Should I have a local git checkout in Windows mirroring my checkout on the Linux server? That seems destined to cause out-of-sync issues between the Windows vs. Linux checkouts. If I don’t have a local checkout in Windows, then it seems impossible to use git remotely (on the Linux servers) via Atom.

Any advice would be appreciated!


Would it suffice to have an automated script that makes sure that your Linux server has the latest code whenever you make a push with git from Windows?

It’s not impossible, but Atom’s git features don’t extend to remote servers. What you can do is to use a terminal and ssh to connect to your server, where you will have full access to git from the command line. I do this all the time, though I don’t run any terminals inside Atom. Instead, I use Cmder, which is a very user-friendly Windows terminal package with a lot of features.


Thanks for the reply. I guess I will continue to use the terminal to interact with git on the Linux servers. That provides the most git functionality.

I won’t have a git checkout with Atom on Windows so I will just use Atom to edit the code on the Linux server remotely.

That works just fine. It is not ideal since I wont be able to use Atom’s integrated git features (for example Atom’s git diff). But it does avoid having 2 checkouts and syncing issues.