Atom on Windows creates a folder for each version and keeps them


Continuing the discussion from Opening from cmd:

As is raised by the need for my powershell script Atom on windows creates a new subfolder for every version which is a pain as not only does the path to the correct atom.exe change every time but we also have over 200MB of space wasted with every update.

Would it not make more sense for the binary at least to be not in a versioned folder?

And we definatley need some clean up mechanism so that you don’t have to manually browse to %localappdata%/atom to clear out old versions yourself.


I’m pretty sure both of these questions have been answered in Issues on atom/atom. To my recollection:

  1. There is an atom.cmd that is stationary that points to the correct atom.exe so you don’t have to update shortcuts or whatever for each version
  2. Squirrel keeps around two old versions but cleans up after itself beyond that


As is being discussed over in the original topic I have atom.cmd but it is in the versioned folder not a shared bin directory.

I wasn’t aware that it only kept a couple of versions, sorry about that.