Atom on Windows 10 - files open empty from directory tree


I’m running Windows 10 developer preview 10130, but I had this problem on a previous build, too. (It went away when I upgraded to a new build, but now it’s back again.)

Atom was running fine on Windows 10, but all of a sudden, when I open existing files (txt, py, html, js, sql, you name it) from the directory tree in Atom’s left pane, the files open empty. I can type stuff into them and the stuff I type shows up, but the original contents are missing.

If, however, I open the same files directly from Windows 10, right clicking on them in File Explorer and telling File Explorer to open the files in Atom, the files open properly in Atom.

I expect it’s a Windows 10 issue that won’t be supported here, but any thoughts on a workaround? Is this a know issue Atom has with other versions of Windows too? I don’t experience it in other apps running on Windows 10, but then again I’m not running many other apps . . .




Well, first thing to try is running Atom in safe mode (atom --safe), and confirming this issue still exists.
If not, you’re looking at a package that has an issue.

If it does still exist in safe mode, re-install Atom entirely. Your OS upgrade may have messed up something, although I find that unlikely.


You may also want to delete or move the ~/.atom/storage directory. You may have a project with an invalid cached state.


thanks. Removing the storage directory seems to have done the trick.


I’m having the same problem. Either re-installing, running in safe-mode or removing the storage folder doesn’t work.
I haven’t experienced this problem before and it happens on a project that was cloned from bitbucket. Files opened from the tree view simply appear empty.


In between when this topic was opened and now, the method that Atom uses to serialize project state changed. Instead of being placed in the ~/.atom/storage directory, it is stored in IndexedDb. It can now be cleared using atom --clear-window-state from the command-line.