ATOM on Win7 can modify files on VM



Please confirm, can I use ATOM APP (Which is installed on my Windows7 64 bit PC) to access files from VM (hosted on VMware Workstation). Such that I can change the config files of my VM from ATOM APP.

Please guide!



If you can SSH to the VM, you can use an Atom package to look at the files on your VM.


VMware Workstation lets you share folders between host and virtual machine


Thanks for confirmation. As I am new to ATOM and UNIX server (VM), Still I am not clear how to set-up ATOM to VM communication. Means in ATOM APP, where i need to specify the path to read and write the files.

If you give me more steps, would be great help, please.


Thanks for sharing this info


Unless you’re sharing folders as @idleberg mentioned, connecting to the VM would be similar to connecting to a remote server. If it has an IP address and an SSH daemon, you can use packages like atom-commander to interact with your VM through SFTP.