Atom on Ubuntu 18.04 not showing file changes

I’ve been using Atom for a few months on my Mac and I’ve not also installed Atom version 1.33.1 x64 in a fresh installation of Ubuntu 18.04 on another machine. I’ve got a very strange problem with the copy running on Ubuntu, . The one running on the Mac is OK.

I’ve made some changes outside of Atom (deleted one file, added some others), committed the changes and pushed to GitHub, but the changes aren’t showing up in Atom. Even if I close Atom and reload it I still see the deleted file and I don’t see the added files. It’s as if Atom is viewing the previous commit.

Is there some setting I need to change so Atom sees what’s actually on disk?

Whoops my mistake. I was ssh’d into another machine with the same directory structure and I’d made the changes there not on my local machine, which is why the changes weren’t showing up locally. Ignore this question.

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