Atom on the Command-line


Does Atom support being used in a Terminal window like vi/vim?

That is not require a graphical environment to run. I ask because I would like to use Atom as my primary editor. But most of my work is using ssh to login to a remote server and editing files there and I want to make sure that I don’t have to use a X Server to use Atom.


No, it is not possible, as Atom relies on Chromium for its rendering of text and panes.

EDIT: Check this out!


It’s a graphical editor. That’s how it was designed, that’s how it is built.
What you’re asking for wouldn’t be anything like Atom at all.


That’s awesome!


Although it isn’t Atom, you can take a look at Slap which is built on Atom’s text-buffer library.

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I used slap for a while but never could get cut and paste to the rest of my system to work right. I liked slap a lot but this was a deal-breaker.


Cool. Thanks. I will take a look at Slap.


Hey guys,

I’m the author of slap. I’d love to hear your comments, criticisms, feature requests, etc. Atom’s text-buffer, used internally by slap, is really great!

JS forever,

P.S. @mark_hahn if you are still having problems with the clipboard, glad to lend a hand. :beer:


I just found out here that I can’t ssh to a remote machine running slap and cut/paste from slap to my local OS copy/paste buffer.

I had hoped to run slap quickly on simple editing of a remote file but the copy/paste problem is just enough pain for me to take the trouble to run Atom and open the remote file. Having to run Atom for this is not only a bit more work and slower, but when I’m in the terminal concentrating on something it breaks my concentration to leave the terminal which is why I’d like to use slap.



Hey, that’s a great idea! I’ve opened #172 to implement a copy mode that dumps out current file’s contents into normal buffer mode for terminal-native copying. It will shall be done!


If you want to use atom to edit files over SSH, you may want to checkout the remote-projects package from nuclide.


I just installed the three packages of Nuclide relating to files and I got their new file tree but nothing remote works. I’ll check out their repo and see if there is a matching issue.