Atom on ChromeOS without chroot ? Chromebrew / Anaconda



my Chromebook is running stable channel in developer mode. I don’t need/want a chroot additional linux install.
I installed Chromebrew (crew) and Anaconda 4.2.0 that allow me to install package without a real OS native package manager.
I don’t think I can use .rpm or .deb packages by so I extracted the atom-amd64.tar.gz to /usr/local/atom and tried to launch ./atom from there. I get error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. How can I install the dependencies for Atom ? I did conda install -c mw gtk2, so gtk should be installed fine. Still I get the same error.

Anyone having Atom up and running on ChromeOs to develop python / django using Anaconda ?



The discussion of Atom on ChromeOS is here:

We like to unify similar discussions under one topic so that people don’t have to read a bunch of different threads to get the whole story. Please continue the discussion there. I’ll be closing this topic as duplicate.


I actually read that (long) thread before posting. Perhaps I should rephrase my question: Any chance Atom could run in a browser ? or in text-mode ? I can run a terminal and shell on ChromeOS that renders in a browser tab just fine. I can run Python and Java in it. Atom in text-mode would be great so I can launch it from a terminal browser tab. Atom in HTML5 would be great so I can launch it in Chrome. Any plans for a port to either option ?


These questions have been answered (somewhere on the board :grinning:) in every form they have been asked. We have no plans to port Atom to any other operating system, platform (whether mobile, tablet or desktop) or mode of operation (whether browser-based, text-based, native, cloud-based or any other form).

We agree that it would be amazing if Atom could be used in every conceivable situation. We simply don’t have the number of people to make it happen.

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