Atom not working unless i close and reopen


Hey, i have been using atom for 2 years now and this just happened 3-4 months ago and i never found a solution. When i open atom and create a new file (typically HTML) its works fine. When i for example add a style element and lets say type “div {}” no colors appear like atom dosent recognise it. Then if i for example type “position:” then there should pop up a menu with “relative” etc. This dosent happen. This also happens in javascript. Colors dosent appear and autocomplete is completly broken. So, i found out that if i create a new file, i have to make it with the elements i want (script, style etc) then i have to restart atom. Now the colors appear and the autocomplete almost work. i get the menu for autocomplete, but when i press enter when i have selected one it just goes one line down without autocompleating… This gets frusterating… I just tried to wipe atom of my computer, completly, and i had a fresh re-install. The same thing happened, no packages at all. Does anyone know a solution for this?


Yikes. Sorry to hear that!

First, try to run Safe Mode. It loads Atom without your packages and config. This can help you understand if it’s caused by Atom or one of your packages.

After that, if I were in your shoes, I would backup my ~/.atom directory and then wipe out Atom completely. Maybe you missed some files that Atom keeps on your computer. Try to download and install again and then run fresh to see if the issue is still there. If it’s not, I would reference my old config and setup Atom again.