Atom not working correctly


Hello everyone,
I’m new to Atom and i have built it from source on ubuntu derivative elementary os (12.04 kernel) without any problems it manages to start but i can’t really do anything, preferences doesn’t open, when i open the launcher or any files i always get the next screenshot.

I have followed the readme on github, i also attempted to install it through an external ppa but same thing happens.
atom v0.127.0
chrome version 36
nodejs v0.10.31
npm v1.4.23
Am i missing something?
If anyone could help me with this i would appreciate it. I would really like to try out Atom. Thanks
Edit: I have looked around but couldn’t find anything related to this.


Could you select the Console tab in the Dev tools window you’re getting? There will be an error stack there which should help further.

There is probably an issue with permissions on the ~/.atom folder.
If you installed atom with sudo, you may have to give the whole .atom folder higher permissions for the user you’re trying to open Atom with.


It seems you are right, this is the error

It seems that fixed it, thank you very much (: