Atom not starting


Hi everyone

I have serious problem with my editor,two weeks I am installing/reinstalling just to code.Its ridiculous,I am using
Windows 8.1 64 bit,I never had this problem before just now.I love this editor but now i am beginning to hate it


What were you looking to get out of this post? Support? If so, you’re going to need to post more than ‘it’s not working’. Clearly, a significant portion of the user base is not experiencing this issue. You need to explain what your particular circumstances are before anyone can even begin the assist.


Atom is not launching,I installed and reinstalled the editor many times.Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.
It happens when I am updating the editor,it closes and then it’s not opening.


If it started when the editor updated, what happens if you download the beta version? You don’t have to install it. If you download the appropriate zip file and unzip it, you’ll be able to test Atom from that folder and the only difference is that it won’t update automatically.