Atom not showing up anywhere


I’ve installed Atom many times now. I’ve run the installer as non-admin, and I’ve also run it as admin. It installs, and Atom opens. Everything seems fine. But it’s not. It doesn’t show up anywhere in the Start menu, nowhere on my desktop, and atm doesn’t even work in the command line!

I don’t know if I’ve done anything wrong, but all I’ve done is download the installer from, run it, and then let it be, not messing with it or anything.


Look in your user directory, in AppData/Local/atom. Is there something there? If so, please post a screenshot of the contents of that folder.


This is what is in my AppData/Local/atom folder


If you want a desktop shortcut, you can make it from atom there. The bizarre thing is that there’s no bin/ folder. It shouldn’t happen, but it’s come up before. And since it has, I know how to fix it. First, you should upgrade to 1.18.0. Then, if there’s still no bin/ folder, create it and download these four items into it.