Atom not saving files inside a Docker container


Might be a docker issue so I apologize if not mega relevant, but might be how Atom saves files too?

I’m running my environment as a series of Docker containers on top of VMWare. It’s a basic Rails/Redis/Postgres linked container environment.

I use Atom to edit code, but often files (actually most now), don’t seem to get saved in the Docker container when I save them. So I’ll edit a file in Atom, and when I save, livereload will trigger and…nothing.

Anything I change with Vim, takes immediately.

Heres my docker-compose.yml for the overarching project

and the dockerfile for the rails container

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks much,



I am not very familiar with docker, but don’t you have to have a link between your local file system and the container’s, and copy files across when you deploy them?
So if you then edit files, can you be sure that you’re editing the actual container’s files or just the source files from outside of the container?


The files in the app folder are copied into the container and then mounted externally for editing. Like I was saying, the files save and update when using Vim, but not Atom/SublimeText/RubyMine, so it’s something in how Vim saves vs these editors. It’s really weird.


I’m having the exact same problem. Is there some difference between saving a file from VIM compared to saving a file from Atom IDE ?