Atom not responding on start-up


Ok so before, atom was freezing constantly, but eventually it got fixed on an update i dont remember. Now, i can’t even use it when i start it. I open atom and it freezes, instantly, i can’t click or do anything in it, then a message shows up asking me if i want to keep waiting for it to respond or close it, if i keep waiting, nothing happens, the only way i have to actually fix this is to:
1- open atom;
2- It freezes;
3- While the frozen atom is running, i open a new window of atom;
4- Close the frozen atom and add the project folder all again.


Does this happen if you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe?


If i do “atom --safe” in command line it says atom is not recognized, i dont remember how to do atom things in the cmd, can u explain to me again please?


What operating system are you on?


Windows 10


I think it’s the same as and related issues. I get editor freezes a lot and saw a lot of similar reports. Even though the symptoms are the same I can’t rule out though that the causes are the same.


Have you followed the suggestions in the Debugging document? Also, could you tell us which version of Atom are you using? (Please give the exact version number. At any one time, there are three different “latest versions” of Atom.)

Specifically, what may be happening is that you have some corrupted state that got saved in a previous session of Atom. You may want to try clearing your saved state.