Atom not requesting microphone/camera permission on mac

I’m using the atom-hydra package on macOS Catalina on two machines. On one machine, atom requests permission for microphone, camera, screen recording which the package uses as input to hydra. On the other machine, it has only asked for screen recording permission and whenever I try to use microphone or camera input, it silently fails.

When I look at the permissions in System Preferences -> Privacy on the working machine, all three areas have an atom option which is checked. On the problem machine, only screen recording has the checkbox - for both microphone and camera there is not even a checkbox for atom to allow or deny permission.

I’ve tried using accutil to reset the permissions and I’ve tried reinstalling both atom and the atom-hydra package to no avail. Notably when I reinstalled atom, it did not re-request screen recording permission - it seemed to have granted that permission automatically, so I suspect there might be additional steps involved (I did delete the atom preferences file as well).

Does anyone have a suggestion either on how to force permissions on macOS or force atom to re-request them?