Atom not reopening project from last session



I have Atom 1.11.2 installed with “Open Empty Editor On Start” unchecked (running OS X El Capitan), but whenever I reopen Atom it doesn’t restore the project I had opened. It just repeatedly displays the Welcome Guide on start up.

How can I get Atom to restore my project on start up?



Most likely the permissions on your ~/.atom directory are preventing Atom from writing what it needs to remember your last project. Specifically, it writes to ~/.atom/storage/application.json the projects you have open.



Thanks for your reply. OK, thanks that seems to have been the problem. However I still notice the “Welcome” and “Welcome Guide” tabs re-open each time Atom starts still. Is there any way to hide these automatically on start up?


Have you unchecked the “Show Welcome Guide when opening Atom” box?

If you have and it doesn’t persist, you may want to double-check that you got all the permissions set correctly. It would seem that you missed ~/.atom/config.cson and probably others. You may be able to adapt this StackOverflow answer to your needs.


Sorry, I missed that - thanks! All sorted.