Atom not reopening folders/tabs on reload



Can please help why is my atom not reloading my opened folders/tabs when I close and open/relaod atom.
Before when I do cmd-ate-ctrl-l it reloads the editor with all my folders and tabs now its opening an empty editor

This is my config:

    openEmptyEditorOnStart: false
    restorePreviousWindowsOnStart: "always"
    telemetryConsent: "no"
     userId: "1b38233d-f3fa-46ad-b348-346674ff2159"
     showOnStartup: false


Sounds like you could be hitting this issue?

So if I:

  1. open a new window cmd-n
  2. add a project folder cmd-o
  3. reload the window alt-cmd-ctrl-l

Then the project is no longer in the tree view - is that what you’re seeing or something else?


That is what happens


Thanks for confirming - it looks like the issue has been closed but the fix is only available in the current 1.20.0 beta, so if you’re on 1.19.2, you’ll still see this behavior.