Atom not opening properly


I’m trying to open Atom in all the ways possible, and the only way that works is by opening it in safe mode with the command line.
I don’t know why but every other opening gives me a blank screen. All the menus works but they do nothing.

Here is a screenshot of what it looks like.


What happens if you rename the .atom folder in your user directory and then open Atom?


What do you mean by “rename the .atom folder in the user directory”?


In your user folder, there’s a folder called .atom. It may be hidden. You should try changing its name so that Atom can’t find it and it generates a new, blank set of configurations.


It worked! Thanks a lot man!


Okay. I don’t know what failed, but something inside that folder got corrupted, probably data from your last session, and it’s derailing Atom’s startup process. When that happened to me, I ended up copying my packages and config settings over to the new folder and then deleting the old one.


I agree. I don’t recall touching any files but somehow, something might have been corrupted. Maybe one of the latest package installations.


Some of the devs would know better, but my amateur estimation is that most of these errors probably happen in the serialized data that Atom preserves from session to session. It could certainly be a package, yes. If you see it happen frequently, then I can help you look deeper to find out which one it is, but a one-off occurrence might just be a fluke.


Thanks a lot!