Atom not loading properly

I am new to coding and Python, I have tried to download Atom and 1 of the packages for class today, I use both Mac and Windows I got a file damaged message on both systems. Please could someone offer assistance.

“and 1 of the packages”

Try to explain further since respondents here cannot guess what is going on in your desktop.

“I got a file damaged message”

Can you open your Python file (specify name and extension) in another editor or even an online editor?

I could not open Atom, I was trying to install telli type package while it was installing I got the message simply saying “file damaged send to trash” on my Mac and just a “file damaged” on my windows.
I’ve since tried downloading Atom alone, and gotten the same response.
I’m at a lose as I have no issues with anything else.

Thank you

Not sure if it helps but I’m running Catalina 10.15 on my Mac and Windows 7 on pc.

Difficult to give advice since I am on Ubuntu (although I do have Window 10). It could be something very basic … or not. It is significant that your file is seen as corrupt by both Windows and Mac.

However a google search gave these further tips …



and here for Windows (I note that you are using old Windows 7)


You appear to otherwise be making progress in coding so at this stage I will not add in more ideas.

Thank you, I’ve updated to Windows 10 and rebuilt my PC. The problem is old software on both Mac and Windows.

Perhaps one day you will explore adding Ubuntu 20.04 in dual boot mode. I rarely use Windows these days although I have Window 10 and Ubuntu 20.04.

I am not versed in Linux. I need training before running a dual setup. But I’m not opposed to the idea.