Atom not loading packages when open new file?


Yessssss atom-debug-ui@1.0.4 was the culprit, Thank you so much. Sorry for my bad English hope I was not so annoying. Now It all works even when I open a file it goes directly to it.This plugin bugs my Atom.I need to be more carefull with these new packages I really like Atom I was afraid to change it.


And based on the issues in that package’s repository, you aren’t the first person to experience the exact same problem.


I see I need to be more careful with these packages from now on hope others will see the issue with that package. The best way is to test each package before using it fully.Thanks for helping me!


No problem. :slight_smile:


This issue has been bugging me for weeks! I could not find the time to properly get the bottom of it, and instead just quit atom and restarted it as a work around. Thanks for finding the culprit!