ATOM NOT launching


I’m on a mac in version 10.10.5. My ATOM won’t launch! It says “there is a problem…”.
Supposedly 9.7 or above is good enough to use ATOM but something is not working.
It worked yesterday. I didn’t update anything. ANYONE have any idea. I have many websites written in ATOM! HELPPPPPPPP!


Atom is a text editor, not a language. (Almost) Any other text editor is able to open the files Atom can.

As for the issue, you can try seeing if earlier versions of Atom still work.


Did it write anything about it being a language…?
There are not dates on that page. How would I know which one is an older version…


The versions are the release name e.g. try installing Atom 1.27.2:

You’ll need to temporarily turn-off auto-updating as well at Settings > Core > Automatically Update until the issue is resolved. You can subscribe to the issue for updates: