Atom not installing on Windows 10


I cannot install Atom on Windows 10 64 bit.


The only explanation I can find is that maybe the path names are too long for this particular installation. When I gave up and ran the unzipped portable version, it did seem to work. However, when I deleted the folder at the end of the day, I got a message that Windows could not put it all in the Recycle bin, because the paths were too long.

The path to the desktop is:


I have saved the log file, but it is over 300 lines long, so I won’t include it unless asked to.

I might add that I am an instructor and I would like to install Atom on user machines for obvious reasons. The machines are routinely re-imaged, and I have no control over the image. I am, however, prepared to hack the registry.

I might also add that personally I am a Mac user, so I might be missing a trick that real Windows users know.


Based on the username you’ve shared and the Recycle Bin response, I believe that the log will also show an error related to the length of the path. This is a built-in Windows problem.

I believe the portable version is what you should try to work with. It ought to function just fine (the install error is happening with Squirrel, which is the program that Atom uses to push automatic updates completely behind the scenes). However, your use case is one where you don’t necessarily need automatic updates and in some cases might want to control the features and package compatibility of the programs you have installed. If you have a folder with the contents of the release in a directory with a .atom/ with packages and settings, you can zip that up and drop it on any student’s account and be confident that everybody has a comparable environment.