Atom not installing in Windows 10

I cannot reinstall it. I uninstalled it because the I can’t install some packages and I thought re-installing will help me to install some packages but when I try to install it, that the only thing that pop-ups

It would be useful to see the Setup Log

Actually, I did click it but it doesn’t show anything

Could you please be more specific on which Win10 flavour you have.
Including 32bit or 64bit.
The more information you share the better chances are there is someone that can help.

Have a look at recent posts:

It was a 64bit and I consult it with my prof and he thinks that it might be a windows 10S. Thank you

That may give us an interesting problem to work around. I do not know the version but a quick search has the following:

In this way, Windows 10 S’s default behavior works just like Windows 10 with the “Allow apps from the Store only” option enabled. This will also protect those PCs from malware.

I would suggest you try the portable installation. Extract the ZIP (that is meant for this purpose) onto a usb thumb/jump/key/stick drive. (which word do you use to describe the usb memory drive?)

One of the links I have given earlier gives details on how to make a portable installation. Having it loaded onto a usb memory drive means you can test it on other Windows machines too. But you make a portable installation on the Win10S machine’s local disk instead.

If all else fails… (sigh) search for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code in the Windows’ Store. Talk to your educator about this option as fall-back.

Although I do not use Windows if this in a university environment (professor cited) this reads like possible anti-virus blocking.

I’ll try it but thank you for the info