Atom Not An Option


I’m on a Mac using Atom in combination with Cyberduck, but Atom is not listed in the editor drop-down when I right-click a file in Cyberduck (only Dreamweaver and TextEdit are shown). In Cyberduck Preferences, when I try to set Atom as the default editor it is listed and selectable. The odd part is that’s the only place it shows up, and when I select and attempt to save, Cyberduck crashes. Every single time.

I’m hoping someone can tell me if I’ve missed a step in using the two together, since I haven’t found a thing about this issue in my search. Is there a setting in Atom that needs to be enabled for me to edit my server files? Trying to figure out which program is the issue. Thanks!


I haven’t used Cyberduck so I’m not sure what/where the issue is but I’ll cross reference this old issue with Cyberduck on Windows:

Hopefully someone in the community that has set this up or has experience with this particular issue will chime in, but I’d recommend also reporting this to the Cyberduck folks.


Hi @rsese! Thanks so much for this, I’ll cross my fingers I can figure something out with this related issue. I’ve written to Cyberduck support, hopefully I get a response soon.