Atom not able to connect in library


Do you guys have any ideas? I can’t seem to connect on the library wifi. Connecting…

It’s the ATOM IDE/ILE — 1.4.0-1befbca



You haven’t provided any information about exactly what is trying to connect.


Sorry, didn’t realize, it’s the Atom IDE



Atom is an application on your computer, not a web installer. It doesn’t have just one thing that it connects to the Internet for. Are you trying to update packages? Do you have a package that tries to get online automatically? Can you screenshot the problem?

Your version of Atom is from January. You should probably update to 1.7.3.


Yes, I have the application on my computer. I am a student who uses this version for school.

I’m just trying to connect period I think…you see in the console


Whatever server “Learn” refers to might be having difficulties. You’ll need to find the package that’s generating the console window in order to figure out where it’s pointing.

Have the other students who use your setup had problems connecting? Can you connect through access points other than the wifi in the library?


Also, Atom v1.4.0-1befbca was a development-only version of v1.4.0. v1.4.0 was released almost four months ago. You should consider updating to the latest Stable release which you can find at


Depending on what package is generating the console, it might be something that’s made for that specific version.