Atom no longer restoring project and tabs when launching


I’ve been using Atom for over a week now and every time I’ve opened the editor it has restored the project I was working in when I last closed it, open tabs included. This evening I can’t get that to work any longer. Even after restarting the machine and relaunching Atom numerous times.


Checking ~/.atom/storage/application.json showed an empty array. No matter how many times I opened a new project and closed/reopened to test it wouldn’t work.

I was able to get it to work by navigation to the project from the command line and typing atom .. Now it seems to save the state and I’m seeing the project path in ~/.atom/storage/application.json. Just curious as to why this happened.


It’s hard to say precisely what happened without seeing what instructions you gave to Atom in that moment. application.json gets overwritten constantly, so whenever Atom gets opened with a specific destination (a file or directory), whatever was stored before gets forgotten. Atom does remember open tabs for specific directory paths, as you witnessed.

The easiest way to preserve what you have open is a project management package. They do a variety of things, but mainly they remember paths so that you can easily get back to them and don’t have to open Atom from specific directories. Shameless plug: I prefer and contribute to Project Viewer.