Atom no longer opens filepath from command line


On a windows system, running gitbash.

running atom . from the gitbash terminal used to open atom in the current folder and atom /d/some/other/path worked as well as expected and makes sense. For some reason this entry now returns:

atom .
Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.10586]
(c) 2015 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Running atom still opens the editor from terminal, but restores the previous session. I assume the issue is not a missing entry in the environment variables and I do see it’s entry listed there. Has the atom cli syntax changed, has windows? Anyone else seeing this issue?


I did notice that running atom . again from the second prompt will open atom in the current folder. So looks like it’s not a complete break, but there is a little additional friction there, which is irritating. Would be great if there was a solution. (sorry to be a diva)


It sounds like this Issue might be related?

If so, it appears there is a fix in the Beta channel already.