Atom nightly

Good afternoon a question could someone explain me well if the release of Nightly atom replaces the atom I use now or if it is better in performance. Etc??

Have you read the blog post? The nightly builds are not recommended for production work, but rather for Atom developers and testers.

The versions in this chart increase in stability from top to bottom:

If you use Atom in your daily work, you likely want to use the stable versions.

Muchas gracias por tu respuesta amigo

Thank you very much for your answer friend was very helpful

Hello, good evening, thank you so much for the previous response, it was very helpful. I have another question if you can help me, someone could help me if atom has any plugins or built in and how it is executed or enabled. Search words with classes etc. ???

If you’re new to Atom, I recommend reading the flight manual, or at least the chapter on packages.