Atom newbie seeks to write simple Package

I’m just starting out with Atom, and I wish to write a package to support a language that I frequently use, for which no package exists.

All I wish to accomplish is have the package activated when plain text files with a given filename extension are loaded, and do color highlighting of operators and keywords. Dirt simple, none of the other fancy stuff that (as I understand) is possible to do in a language package.

Hoping not to reinvent the wheel, I’ve looked at the contents of a couple of other “language-xxx” packages enough to see that there’s so much functionality going on that I don’t even know where to start removing things.

I tried the package generator, but the shell it created seemed to be far too complex given what I wish to accompish.

So, what are your thoughts on the easiest way to get to where I wish to be?

Thanks in advance!

You want to write a TextMate grammar. See the flight manual entry. There are some links at the bottom too that might also help.

Thanks for the advise!