ATOM newbie looking for a package

Transitioning from Notepad++ to Atom. One Notepad++ plugin I love is WebEdit, which puts a customizable bunch of buttons on the toolbar that applies HTML tags to selected text. The closest Atom package I’ve found is Atom Tag Wrapper, but it’s lacking in a couple of areas: 1) no toolbar buttons [I hate keystroke shortcuts!], and 2) only does


Is there a package that will let me add customizable HTML formatting buttons to a toolbar? I’m a tech writer, not a coder, so anything beyond REALLY basic JavaScript is outside my comfort zone!

It sounds like a task for emmet, but that doesn’t provide a GUI for any of its features. So unless there’s a tool-bar package that does exactly what you’re after, you can probably configure flex-tool-bar to work with emmet.

If you read the documentation on process-palette you see that you can create top bar menu items for each custom command. So for example I have written several such custom process-palette commands which create menu items:

Run > Python
Run > PHP
Run > Lua
etc. etc.

Atom variables are added to the custom process.
All documented in process-palette Settings.

Appreciate the suggestions thus far, but they’re both beyond my skill level!

Amendment to original post: 2) should have said “only does paragraph tags”

After further review & a couple of Emmet tutorials, I’m willing to give it a shot. If you hear an explosion coming from the midwest, mea culpa.