[Atom] My code disappeared


Hello Atom,

i have one big problem with my Atom editor. Im programming in PHP my homework to school. I turned off my computer and returned for hour. When i turn on computer and starts Atom i saw this: https://puu.sh/xx3IB/79d72e60f6.png where my code should be. When I wanted to try to write i saw this: https://puu.sh/xx3GG/df8e8dce4e.png. I tried open file in other editor but the result is the same… How i can return the code? Is there any way?



Hi @Hellbyte - really sorry that you ran into this issue. I replied to the email you sent us about this, let me know if you didn’t receive it.


Hello I am having the same issue with the same result. Is there a way to fix this?