Atom moves on reload


I’m running Windows (I know, it’s sad) and every time I refresh Atom it moves my window. I run multiple monitors and it keeps moving off screen for some reason. Is it normal behavior for the window to move instead of just refreshing exactly where it is?


If by refresh you mean reload (ctrl+alt+r) then I can partly relate to the window not keeping its exact position. If I reload when Atom is maximized, it temporarily unmaximizes (i.e. the window itself is not maximized anymore, but ‘almost maximed’, meaning that its size is roughly equal to a maximized window) and after it’s done loading it properly restores the fully maximized window. If I reload when Atom is not maximized, for example when it’s in split screen with another program, it stays split screen until late in the reload process when it ‘almost maximizes’ and keeps it that way. I have never experienced Atom jumping between monitors during reloads, but the edge of the ‘almost maximized’ window does become visible on the second monitor.


I have had a similar problem for a long time, but this is with my chrome devtools window when separated from the main window. It seems to disappear but it is actually off the screen (I have only one monitor). The only way I can recover it is to go the the start bar, right click, and maximize it. Then I join it back to the main window. It is maximized on the screen the next time it is open but it is resizable so I can fix it.

In another related window subject the main window breaks a rule. When it is maximized, closed and reloaded, it should remember it was maximized. Instead it it just resizable covering the full screen. That means the original size and position is lost.


Thanks, the “almost maximized” behavior seems strange. I’m using MaxTo which lets me maximize windows into regions I define. I guess it’s what is moving my window off screen. When I turn it off I get the same behavior where it’s almost maximized and then maximizes once the window finishes loading. I’ll take it up with the developer over there.


Totally having the same issue, on OS X. No fancy window managers.