Atom Minimap and Minimap-Plus

The minimap-plus package that has been maintained by the atom-ide-community recently updated with an announcement that they obtained access to the original minimap package, and

““minimap-plus” forwards to the original “minimap” that now includes all the improvements from “minimap-plus””

The original minimap package was infamously bought and commandeered by Kite, who then injected ads into the package. Can I get some clarification on how they are currently involved? The minimap package still says

“This package is sponsored and maintained by Kite.”

I uninstalled this package and replaced with minimap-plus for this reason, so it’s a little disappointing to have minimap-plus reinstall it for me without going into any details on this. Is Kite still involved? (I realize that the ads were removed but I would still like to not have any software installed that they have a hand in maintaining.)

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Per the changelog, the Kite promotion/code changes related to Kite were removed back in 2017. entry

commit that removed the promotional code

To give proper credit, several bugfixes were added during second half of 2017 and a couple more in 2018. So, to the extent Kite sponsored that work, it was for the good of the package and had nothing to do with promoting Kite.

There were only about a dozen commits in the entire two years of 2018 and 2019.
. And then nothing in 2020 until Aminya from atom-ide-community started updating it 11 days ago.

Given how little attention Kite has put into the package recently (past year or two), it appears they have moved on from doing anything with this package. If you want to be 100% sure, I suppose you can check the GitHub repository every now and then.