Atom-message-panel (a look back)



Over a year ago I released atom-message-panel to this community and it has been a great experience.

People loved and supported my idea from the start and some even helped me build it into the strong and rich API package it is today, to help new and/or existing package developers that want an easy way to display messages for the user!

So why am I writing this post you ask?

Since the start, AMP has come a long way and I wanted to share some stats with you all and reshare this package with all you new package developers that may not know about AMP. I believe and hope that if I can get even more of you guys aware of this, AMP can be so much more in the future!

Some stats

  • Used by at least 31 Atom packages
  • 19 closed issues
  • 46 closed pull requests
  • 9 contributions
  • 36 stars on github
  • 10 forks
  • 67,506 downloads in the last month (NPM stats)

These stats make me so proud and happy, and I want to give a BIG thanks to all you people that have helped me make this possible.
A special shoutout goes out to @fangel and @joefitzgerald who both have helped me a lot!! THX!

The legacy post :


I would like to see this evolve into an actual Atom package (as opposed to an npm package) with a service-hub / based API. This ensures that every package is always using the same version of it, and that we could begin to write decent tests for it :smile:.


Yes , panels need to be core in atom.


This is an awesome idea, this version think is a big problem i Atom. a bugfix in AMP is not applied to already downloaded packages, so the package dev need to update the version in package.json to force download it.

Hope people will agree with you and help getting AMP to this point.


going to give this a try. I what to make it a separate repo atom-message-panel-service so existing packages using APM latest don’t break, and maybe some devs find the npm way better or don’t want to update to a service.

I will annouce then the repo and first take on it is up!


Early Alpha: