Atom Markdown-Preview auto copy HTML formatted markdown text to paste to onenote or blank email



I’m using atom and the markdown preview package to jot quick notes. In addition I’m planning to use autohotkey to streamline/automate my work to immediately take notes and to copy them to onenote or a blank email. I’ve previously used Resophnotes to do this and I have that working marvelously but I’m looking for a better markdown editor which atom seems to provide.

My main 2 independent questions are:

  • does anyone use markdown with atom and autohotkey?
  • OR how can I use the markdown-preview package in atom to automatically copy the HTML formatted text to my clipboard? This is to be able to copy it then to a blank email or note etc.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Happy holidays!



There isn’t a method to make the Markdown Preview automatically copy the HTML to your clipboard but you can open the Command Palette and type mcopy to execute the “Markdown Preview: Copy HTML” command when you have the Markdown Preview focused.


True I know this but won’t that copy the actual HTML like the tags etc? Not the formatted text? I’m thinking I can just use shortcuts to navigate directly to the second pane and do a Ctrl + All to grab the text in HTML format and then do whatever I want with it after. No?


I’m interested in copying the formatted text as well, but Markdown Preview doesn’t seem to do this.