Atom Mantenance (Windows)


Hi to everyone! New user here, I’m learning to use Atom on Windows 10, I’m studying the Flight Manual, but I’m really a newbie at the moment. I have a simple question.

As the time passes using Atom, there are some cached or temporary file that Atom creates and that can be deleted from time to time to keep Atom installation tidy and clean, without affecting settings and projects? Like Windows temporary files. Maybe some folders in .atom directory? I see there are various cache folders in .atom, but not sure if they can be deleted and what will happen if they’re deleted.

Thanks in advance,


I have no knowledge of Atom keeping old cached data around, only current cached data, and that’s for remembering session information and pre-compiling package code.


If you’re not running Atom, you should be able to delete the cache directories, but I’ve never seen a reason to.


Thanks. So are the cache files and directories of some use between sessions? I mean, not like temporary internet files, that you can delete after using the browser?

For example, there is a …<username>\AppData\Roaming\Atom… and various cache folder inside that fill an average 15-20 MB of space per session. Most of them relate to “view_settings”… I don’t know what that means, but deleting them seems not to affect anything.