Atom make code straggler, please help me


I am using Atom to work but i alway meet a problemp for code, it make code straggler, but with other editor i was use before, it display properly. This is screenshot, please help me. Thanks you


This is not the word you’re looking for. In English, a straggler is somebody who isn’t as fast as everybody else, like the last person in a race.

It looks like you just have inconsistent whitespace at the beginning of each line, where some lines use spaces and other lines use tabs. If you turn on the Show Invisibles setting, you can see them. If you share one of the actual code documents with us, we can point out what’s going on.


Thanks for reply but i don’t understand you mean. I am using phpdesigner
and it showing code properly, but when i open this file with atom, it
showing confusedness


Go to Settings and turn on Show Invisibles. It will show you which characters are tabs and which are spaces.

What is the difference? What does “properly” look like?


Properly is code not confusedness, please see image attachment, code very
This is image when enable Show Invisible


See? I was right. You have both spaces and tabs at the beginning of lines. You can delete the spaces and the tabs should look correct. If you aren’t sure what I mean, you can upload the file and I will fix it for you.

I know English isn’t your first language, and that’s part of why you need to not use vague words. I don’t know what “confused” means. I don’t know what “properly” means. Those are words that don’t describe code. They describe your feelings. If you went to someone who spoke your first language for help, they would tell you the same thing.


Thanks you very much, i will check it, sorry for my bad English


It’s not your English, it’s your choice of words. Native English speakers do it, too. You are choosing vague words that describe your emotions instead of specific words that describe exactly what you see on the screen. If there is something you don’t understand, you have to be specific about that, too.