Atom Macbook Pro Screen Glitch


Hey guys,
I am really loving to use Atom for the past few days. However, one thing I have noticed is that quite often now I get a few screen glitches while using the application. Is that a known issue?

I have tried to uncheck Use hardware acceleration options, but unfortunately the problem persists.

The issue only happens from time to time and only inside Atom application while the other OS elements are still being displayed properly.

Thanks in advance


Can you explain what that glitch looks like?
Are we talking the whole Atom window blinking or something along those lines?

Also, can you try and run atom in safe mode (atom --safe) and see whether this still occurs?


hey @batjko thanks for your reply.
The glitch feels like TV interference inside the whole Atom window, yes.
I will try to run it with --safe as you mentioned and report back with the results.

Thanks once again.


Hey guys, I have been having a similar issue with glitches on OSX 10.9.5 Retina 15 inch Macbook Pro. With this glitch, a little window opens up in the middle of the screen and disappears every so often. Running --safe has seemed to fix it so far.


Since running in Safe Mode has fixed it, this strongly indicates that the glitch is because of a package you have installed.

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