Atom Mac Theme repo missing


What happened to this repo?
Fails to install from the preferences pane, via APM, but it seems to be missing from Atom’s Github account too.



@ProbablyCorey did someone hide the repository on accident?


That repo was abandoned. But an equivallent is now being maintained at


Thanks @ProbablyCorey for the fast response! This isn’t the first time we’ve run into a situation like this. Where can I file a bug on the APM website? I’d like to see:

  1. If the repository for a package disappears, a flag appears on the package entry on the website (something like “this package may have moved or been removed by the author”)
  2. If the repository for a package disappears, a more meaningful error message is displayed via APM
  3. Perhaps even the author is emailed or otherwise notified with a reminder to unpublish the package?

cc @thedaniel


Thank you both for the feedback.