Atom (Mac) not restoring files on launch


I’m not sure if I’ve done something wrong but I cannot get Atom to restore previously opened files when I re-launch it. I’m running 1.5.3 on Mac.

The only relevant preference I can see is “open empty editor on start” and that’s unticked.

Any help will be appreciated.


Have you tried just clicking the icon?


Yep. It was originally clicked (not sure if that’s default or I was a bit trigger-happy when first reviewing the configuration options) but when it wasn’t restoring files I unclicked it but it’s just the same.


I’m not sure what this means. I meant have you tried clicking the Atom icon in the Dock or in the Applications folder?


Oh I see. Apologies. I’ve tried both.


Do you have write access to the ~/.atom directory on your system?


I do, yes.