Atom logo plagiarism


Hello guys. I am brand new in Atom and usually I use VSCode, but:
Today I was in my school in Ukraine, Kyiv. I have noticed the school logo inside the building(it is also available on its website on banner), and this logo is totally stolen from! I am shocked. What do you think about it?

PS – sorry for offtop(maybe), but i think it is serious…


It will be a difficult case to make. It is not a straight-on copy.
Below are overlayed school logo, atom icon and logo.


I don’t see it on that site right now so maybe it was taken down since your initial post?


It’s on the top left, next to the name.


I found this

I don’t know anything about that site, but it looks like the design of the Atom icon might not be an original piece.

Also, original Atom icons in order of earliest to latest (that I could find):


Best I can find is that the above icon comes from this commit. So you’ll have to ask the guy who committed it if it’s original, but I don’t think anyone really cares.