Atom Locking Files


I have just started using Atom and I like it so far. I was about to switch completely over from Text Wrangler until I ran in to this issue. Unfortunately this is a deal breaker unless I can fix it.

I have a Raspberry Pi with appletalk running. There are shell scripts and python scripts on the Pi. If I have Atom open the file from my MAC. The Pi will not run and I get the following message.

                           sudo: unable to execute ./ Text file busy

As a result I have to close the file to execute it. I don’t have to close Atom just the file I want to execute.

To be clear I do not have this issue with other editors only Atom. I work this with using Text Wrangler and the basic editor on my MAC. My guess is that Atom is using exclusive locks vs shared locks. Just not sure where this is to change it. If this can be changed great if not I will pass on Atom.

Also I don’t have the issue at all when editing on my Mac. It seams this only happens for remote file systems. Hopefully there is a fix for Atom.


Atom doesn’t use exclusive locks on files. It does however use file monitoring systems to watch for changes on files and there may be an issue where the remote files system translates those monitors into exclusive locks. Please open an Issue on the Atom repository at with as much information as possible so that we can reliably reproduce the issue you’re experiencing.


I did open an issue but there have been no updates as of yet.