Atom loads empty window when used as external text editor



I’m trying to use Atom as an external text editor for a program called Touchdesigner. When i tell Touchdesigner to load the GLSL files i want to modify in my external editor which is Atom, Atom starts, but opens only an empty file. The actual code shows up fine in say ‘Notepad’.

I wonder if there is a preference i could edit to load up with the actual code, or is there another reason why this does not work?

Thank you, Marko, Finland


Are these files packaged in such a way that you can’t open them in Atom without going through Touchdesigner first?

My guess: A lot of programs that use external editors (like FileZilla) will deposit the file in a temporary files folder, but if Touchdesigner doesn’t, then Atom might think that it’s receiving a file on the disk but the file doesn’t actually exist. In that case, Atom might not know what to do with the instruction and open an empty file. Notepad is a much simpler program and doesn’t have any interaction with the disk aside from loading and saving files, so it wouldn’t freak out if given a file that doesn’t have a representation in the file system.


I can just copy paste the code. It’s just that the program has this functionality for using an external editor and it’s a lot faster.

I know Touchdesigner makes temporary files too. I’ve seen them while using Sublime as my editor. I’d like to use Atom though. Hmm


I don’t know anything about Touchdesigner, so I can’t help you with that side of the equation.


The code seems to load up fine in Notepad and Sublime. Well i’ll keep on looking and use other software for now.