Atom loading form


Hello, is there a way to make the background color of the form to be full screen?


To clarify: Atom looks like this when it is loading, then once it is loaded it looks normal?


Yes, you are right


I don’t know if it’s possible to change that.


Is this a common thing or is it just that my pc has loading bottlenecks (hdd)


Perhaps this is related?


Atom takes time to load for me, but I don’t see that visual effect. The background of the window is all one color for me.


I don’t think so. My problem occurs only when atom is loading and file size doesn’t make a difference (even when opening an empty file)


Fair. It still shouldn’t be happening in your case, but I think changing the colour would be a challenge.


Hmmm… I’ll try to experiment with different themes. Couldn’t be there like some config variable that specifies default window size (the colored area) and after the app is fully loaded it updates the size to actual numbers?


Themes don’t make a difference and i also discovered that sometimes it launches as it shood